Nine Elm Bridge London


mit EiSat GmbH



"Careful consideration of the distinct needs of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Thames, in combination with the stringent navigation requirements and the structural and construction requirements for the long span are the basis of this proposal. The resulting bridge structure might be described as “organic” in form because of its curved and flowing shape. It is indeed intrinsically “organic”, because it has been derived by integrating traffic flow and structural elements. Instead of an additive sum parts with different functions, the lightweight hollow steel structure is a multi-purpose element: It is shaped to form ramps, walkways and cycle ways on the bridge, extended vertically on one side to form a curved “fin” which stiffens the structure above the supports, and gradually split into two decks at mid-span, still connected by diagonal struts to form a single continuous structure. A result of striving for the right geometry, oscillating between requirements and aesthetics, the design of the bridge follows the ideals of the visual pleasure of a sophisticated line and of the materialisation of dynamic movement."